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Holy Serpent, Kalamata & Echolot
HEADZ UP & Temple Booking present - An Endless Trip to the Ocean - 
Holy Serpent (AU)
with: Kalamata (DE) & Echolot (CH)

Thu, 26 Sept 2019
Toast Hawaii, Berlin
Doors 20.00h | Start 20.45h
HPYNOTIZED IN PROPHECY. Ocean grave, carry us upon a wave, when HEADZ UP and Temple Booking arise together for an endless trip into deep waters! Presenting a massive night of Heavy Psych, Progressive Stoner and Space Doom with three rising stars from Australia, Germany and Switzerland - welcoming Holy Serpent for the first time in Europe - about to present their new LP on Riding Easy Records - as well as our brothers in Kalamata and Echolot! At Toast Hawaii, where the ocean meets the sand, we'll be waiting for you. We'll be waiting there, deep in the marijuana trench!
Band descriptions:


Blazing Heavy Psych Proto Doom Lords of the Light | Melbourne, AU |

With their new record weaving closer, "oozing with thick riffs, iceberg-paced tempos and fuzzy melodic foraging" (Metal Hammer), it's about time to make some space for the Holy Serpent! In the time since their self-titled RidingEasy debut in mid-2015, Australia's Holy Serpent have gained a lot of attention for their rather Punk version of Heavy Psych and Metal. Shortly after, their skate-metal leaning successor 'Temples', "a monster of a record that can already be labelled a magnum opus" (Powerplay and Metal Magazine), further defined their more experimental blend of early Soundgarden, Saint Vitus and Kyuss - "unabashed in their worship of 70s Heavy Psych, [having] the songwriting chops and performances to back up any obvious anachronisms." (Consequence of Sound)

The forthcoming, in October to be released, third album 'Endless' will realize and hone all of the band's earliest visions into an album beyond easy classification, and could likely be their defining moment. Seemingly bottomless in its relentless heft, with billowing and suffocating riffs leading glistening melodies, it's the sound of a band that locks onto something unique. While lyrically being influenced by the oceanic theme, 'Endless' is an homage to the ocean in general, its mystery, power and ability to give life and take life. Musically, the band experiments with wobbling synths while creating "sort of a haunting sound, which gives the album an ebb and flow, much like an ocean's current or tide", as frontman Scott Penberthy states.

Get ready though for a tsunami crest pulling us under the dark and enveloping weight of sound, as "Holy Serpent arise from their basket of psilocybin devilry and issue forth a riff so demented, we [have] to call the authorities just to keep ourselves safe from harm." (Classic Rock Magazine)


Progressive Stoner Psych Motherfuckers | Hildesheim, DE |

After five years of existence, one can say, that Kalamata established as one of our favourite Instrumental Stoner Orchestras hailing from Germany. Creating an atmosphere between joy and sadness, heat and coldness, life and death, the band delivers massive trips to the stars! Driving, monumental bass riffs and colorful, fuzzy guitar-patterns, on top of a deep rolling rhythm section, hit the brain instantly. Especially with their second album 'Disruption' Kalamata venture to achieve the balance between Stoner Psych attacks and Prog Rock soundscapes - taking us on a trip over sandy desert roads up to the vast infinity of outer space. Shiny and dark. Loud and soft. Far away and close. Just showing us the way where the night is darkest - straight into the devil's asshole!


Hypnotic Progressive Space Doom Post-Metal Alchemists | Basel, CH |

Founded in 2014 and having released their first record 'I' in 2016, Echolot deliver an ocean of sound that makes you look for land no longer. With fresh jams creating a fine blend of Psychedelic Doom, Progressive Stoner and Space Rock, the band's eruptions drive you from the depths of Doom into cosmic lightness. With their second album 'Volva' - released under the Czar Of Revelations label - the Swiss band does not break new ground, but goes straight with one purpose on its sonic palette: To mesmerize and to captivate the listener. While improvisation is the basis of the band's writing, Echolot take care to craft their sound and to structure their jams, balancing between freedom and form - serving heavy'n'slow Doom riffs, clean trippy Post-rock guitar sounds, extended jam sessions, an excellent rhythmic section and rather scarce and relaxed vocals. Let's get hypnotized!

➤ Aftershow with SÄSH DUSTOWN

70s | Psych | Funk | Stoner | Hard Rock | Berlin, DE
The devil in glitter pants. Wanna escape? No chance!

Presented by:

Temple Booking -
RidingEasy Records -
Tonzonen -
Zygmatron Music -
Sixteentimes Music -
Czar Of Crickets Productions -
Toast Hawaii -
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Datum / Beginn Location Ort     Stamp
2019-09-26Do 26.09.2019 20.45 Uhr Toast Hawaii Berlin   Tickets ab 14,00 €

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