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Psychberg Fest ´22

w/ The Gluts / Juleah / Mystery Art Orchestra / Nowaves / Plaisir / Vuelveteloca

We are definitely proud & happy to finally be able to announce our long waited one day festival with a unique 360* Immersive Visual Experience by >Dwavehed + Sector 7G<.

We at Psychberg present a new, unique musical experience to add to your festival calendar. Created by music lovers for music lovers, Psychberg brings you the freshest, most compelling sounds of psychedelic rock, fuzz, drone, darkwave, krautrock, post punk, wave +++

Collective musical euphoria is our mission. We think it’s time to overcome the growing mass individualism by gathering with like-minded souls to enjoy a musical journey into our inner selves, together!

Over the course of this day we will deliver spiralling reverb to your eyes, multicoloured smoke to your ears and soul-gripping sounds to blow your mind!

We welcome you to this open family of colourful hedonists, to share, feel safe and respected in the warmth of people who know how to make and appreciate decent tunes! Come, gather and enjoy an expertly curated selection of musical mayhem from around the globe.

Let’s bring it!

Lineup +++ After Show Party

> The Gluts (IT)
>> Juleah (AT)
>>> Mystery Art Orchestra (DE)
>>>> Nowaves (DE)
>>>>> Plaisir (DE)
>>>>>> Vuelveteloca (CL)

>>>>>>>> After Show Party @ Secret Location <<<<<<<<<

> Gat@s Espaciales (DE)
>> Astral Elevator (UK)
>>> Dark´s Second (DE)
>< The Gluts ><
Excess, surplus, too much, saturation, overkill, overload… they are all synonymous of GLUT.
Too much of good things, in slang.
This is THE GLUTS, a powerful overloaded psychedelic rock.
We like the punk attitude and the DIY, and of course we are proud to have heard someone say: “They are the LOUDEST band in Milan”
Play to believe. But play it LOUD.


>< Juleah ><
The idyllic, inspiring environment of Austria’s Vorarlberg region is the creative center for Julia Hummer and her band. Three full length albums have been recorded here since 2012, sparking an international fan base that is still growing. Juleah is a solo project founded and shaped by Hummer, supported on stage by Henry Galehr on guitar, Christoph Gallaun on drums and Oliver Huber on bass.

Blending the bluesy rock & roll of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with the shoegaze decadence of Ride and Slowdive, Juleah has found its trademark sound in sweet but sultry vocals and the depths of reverb-soaked guitars. While remaining steeped in omnipresent psych leanings, Juleah has delicately perfected the art of genre reinvention, taking heed of everything from the snarl of southern guitar riffs to the shimmer of surf rock.
Hummer’s music reflects a translucent dream, allowing for an intense trip that curves through vast desert and mountain landscapes, via undulating prairies to cordially find a place to enjoy. The unique sound takes you on this journey; it does not let go of your hand or heart until you surrender yourself to the atmospheric, uninhibited indulgence of your endless dreams.


>< Mystery Art Orchestra ><
Mystery Art Orchestra is a band that blends musical realms both in their stylistic and in their temporal objectives. Clearly nurtured by the electronic dynamics of post-punk and cold wave the band’s approach never freezes - by contrast it’s lush, ever evolving and full of colours.

Tino Bogedaly (voice & guitar), André Wlodarski (keys & electronic bass) and Bastian Müller (drums & percussion) form acoustic synergies equally challenging in their technically demanding practice yet comforting with strangely familiar patterns alike.

Ethereal guitar chords frequently hint at strains of romanticism only to be broken up by the steady rhythm of lucid drums, a bold synthesizer and sonorous singing. There is momentum, there is ecstasy, there is depth.

Founded in Brandenburg the band was never drawn to its rural origins albeit inspired by the vast landscapes of the region. Whereas the scene of Berlin also remains a consistent influence on their work, it’s always been the interplay of backgrounds that pathed their way.

>< Nowaves ><
From Dresden, synth punk / post punk done with sense and guts.



>< Plaisir ><
They are the “coldgaze” Berlin trio that beckons with layers of noisy guitar, steady throbbing basslines, chilly minimal drum machine beats, and waves of warm, shimmering synth. Blended from the dreamy fuzz of shoegaze and the stripped down, lo-fi aesthetic of coldwave, Plaisir seeks to create darkly seductive soundscapes infused with gentle spoken word, and surrealist melodies in English and French. With their first great live debut they surprised us at the “Synästhesie Festival Introducing”, a series replacing the Synästhesie Festival during the pandemic. Shot on location at the Kesselhaus in Berlin, the series showcases the best new talent from Germany. This first episode is features Plaisir, the dark wave trio from here in Berlin.


>< Vuelveteloca ><
They are Chilean rock band formed in Santiago in 2006. They´re recongnised for their explosive and powerful live show. Along their career, you can hear some psychedelic rock, stoner, krautrock and space rock.

They have released seven albums, Vuelveteloca (BYM 2007), Jinete Galáctico (BYM 2010), Días de Calor (BYM 2012), Pantera (BYM 2015), Sonora (Fuzz Club Records 2017), Sonora Remixes (Fuzz Club Records 2019) and Contra ( Little Cloud Records 2020).

They´ve played some international festivals like Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia (England, 2015), Monkey Week (Spain, 2015), Festival En Orbita (Chile, 2016), Levitation (USA, 2018), Fuzz Club Eindhoven (Holland,2019), sharing stage with bands like Spiritualized, The Oh Sees, Dead Meadow, A Place to Bury Strangers, Pond, Ty Segall, among others.

In 2022 the band is exploring a new live set as a duo in Europe, a space rock with hypnotic synths and explosive guitars with Marcos and Tomás, the founders of the band.


.--. LIGHT SHOW .--.

They were both responsible for Desert Fest 2022 Light Show on both stages through the whole festival.

> Dwavehed <
Specialises in integrating video feedback, video synth, live cameras, moving and still images into live visual projections or music video production. Beginning experimentations with liquid light projection.

Fascinated by video feedback at a young age, now a practicing visual artist. Studied music with emphasis in multimedia technology and gained valuable experience as a Audio/Video Installation Technician for 5 years at @Artpace San Antonio International Artist in Residence, assisting prominent contemporary artists such as Kelly Richardson, David Adjaye, Kota Ezawa, which led to being an assistant installation technician for Isaac Julien's nine screen film installation Ten Thousand Waves at Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam in 2012.

> Sector 7G <
Light Show is a visual art discipline inspired by the psychedelic art of the 1960s, reinterpreted around current techniques and music.

It is the art of combining colours, shapes and movement. Space and time. We use all-analogue techniques, so our live performances are unique and unrepeatable.

Light shows can be a synesthetic complement to music and dance performances, or can have an independent existence as a silent art.



AFTER SHOW w/ Dj´s Included @ A Secret Location -- revealed in grounds --

- Gat@s Espaciales < Weird Fishes Radio - Psychberg Affairs >

-Astral Elevator < Manchester, UK >

- Dark´s Second < Weird Fishes Radio - Psychberg Affairs >

- Candy Flip Dj´s < Prague , CZ >

Event auf den Merkzettel


Datum / Beginn Location Ort     Stamp
2022-10-14Fr 14.10.2022 17.30 Uhr Hole 44 Berlin   Tickets ab 25,50 €

Die angegebenen Preise sind Kartenendpreise inkl. gesetzl. MwSt., inkl. Vorverkaufsgebühr, ggf. Bearbeitungsgebühr, bzw. Ticketsystemgebühr zzgl. Versandkosten.

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